Ouders van Gillen, Owen en Alex

We have two children in Pimmetje, our eldest son has been going to Pimmetje in the Koekiemonsters since he was 9 months old, and our youngest son started in the Ernies when he turned 6 months. Both boys started in a vertical group (0-4 year olds), and although we had never heard of this before, we are very happy with the system. It gives the opportunity for older children to learn to play with younger ones, and the babies learn a lot from the toddlers. We have been very happy with the way our children settled in when they started, the child minders are extremely caring, and listened to our wishes and any specific requests we had. The outside playground is lovely, and the variety of toys and activities they provide the children both indoors and outdoors is fantastic. The fact that it is a small nursery means that children from different groups can interact, and child minders from different groups know each other and the children and makes for a very nice atmosphere and safe environment. The parent’s evenings are also very useful to discuss the children’s developments, and the child minders are always happy to provide tips and advice whenever we have had questions or concerns. Our children love going to Pimmetje, they have a wonderful relationship with the child minders, and they love playing there, so much so that my eldest does not want to leave most days! Our 3 year old now has the opportunity to go to the toddler group for a few hours each week, which has really helped with his Dutch language development as we do not speak Dutch at home, and will prepare him to go to school next year. I know he will miss Pimmetje dearly when he starts school, but luckily we will have the Pimmetje afterschool care to take advantage of instead!